The purpose of this art guide is to map the main cultural spaces of Belo Horizonte and the Metropolitan Regionand in turn encourage visitors to explore these spaces. The following pages suggest routes that can be easily followed.

Rather than simply presenting the main cultural attractions of the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, this guide has grouped them according to their location. It provides a way to improve the visitor experience, given the material not only geographically contextualises the cultural spaces but also the scene which they form a part of.  For those that are already familiar with these places, the guide provides another perspective of the city.

In addition to encouraging visitors to the spaces, artists shall also benefit from the guide, as it provides an additional means of gaining exposure in the cultural scene of the mineiro capital and surrounding region.

Regularly hosting artistic and cultural activities, and a website with an up-to-date programme were the criteria that guided the choice of the spaces selected. With a clear understanding that the Metropolitan Region's cultural scene is dynamic and constantly evolving, this guide doesn't intend to be definitive. Our objective is that several other editions will be launched in the future, indicating more and more cultural spaces.

The creation of this guide was made possible by the partnership between the Minas Gerais State Secretariat of Culture, the Belo Horizonte Municipal Foundation for Culture and the Praça da Liberdade Cultural Circuit.